Scalar Charged Products

EE System Medallions and Bracelets

Experience the power of scalar technology with our range of medallions and bracelets, designed to be worn or carried with you wherever you go. Embedded with hyper-charged scalar waves, these products neutralize the electro pollution in our environment, shielding you from electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones, televisions, computers, power lines, toxins, pollution, radiation, and microwaves.

Studies have confirmed that the scalar energy infused into these stones remains at full charge even after decades of use, eliminating the need for recharging. Regular wear of these products has been shown to increase the wearer’s millivolt level by an average of 28 points. As Dr. Sandra Rose Michael emphasizes, our environment poses significant challenges to our well-being, making the protection provided by these products essential.

By embedding their technology into medallions and bracelets, we enable you to carry a piece of the bioactive fields found in the EE System technology wherever you go. These scalarized products interact with your biomolecular field, optimizing, energizing, and harmonizing it for enhanced well-being.

Our medallions create a protective cocoon extending five feet around the body, buffering and neutralizing the effects of microwave radiation from 5G, Bluetooth, smart devices, and other sources. Users have reported increased energy levels, improved sleep, relief from headaches, and reduced chronic pain.

Similarly, our bracelets provide ongoing support by directly affecting your blood circulation through the pulse point on your inner wrist. The scalar energy released with every pulse cleanses and energizes your blood, benefiting your vital organs and internal systems. Experience the transformative effects of scalar energy with our medallions and bracelets, designed to elevate your health and vitality.


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